AI Agents for Customer Support & Success

Elevate first contact resolution rates and boost cross-sales with AI/GPT-powered bots, based solely on your most up-to-date content and featuring integrated fact-checking.

Your AI/GPT-powered Customer Support & Success assistant is a game-changer, offering precise, real-time assistance to users across various platforms.

Guided exclusively by your most current databases and FAQs—from product listings, documentation, user manuals, and other resources—it always remains updated with your latest information. With OneAgent's built-in fact-checking, you can be assured of delivering trustworthy information, thereby enhancing user satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty.

  • Elevate First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates
  • Achieve immediate first response times

Boost Sales & Retention

Aid customers in their shopping journey, ensuring they find exactly what they're looking for.

Elevate SaaS Interactions

Offer immediate clarity on software functionalities, maximizing product utility and user experience.

Deep Dive into User Queries

Analyze user interactions to fine-tune your offerings and understand customer needs better.

Key Benefits for Customer Support & Success

Your Content Only

Learns your most up to date databases, documentation, manuals, and FAQs

Intuitive Shopping & Product Usage

Deliver timely and accurate assistance for e-commerce shoppers and SaaS product users, enhancing their overall experience.

Content Mastery for Support

Equip your support staff with a tool that pulls accurate information from varied resources, boosting their productivity and efficacy.

AI-Driven Interaction Analytics

Benefit from our Language-AI insights to determine trending inquiries, gauge user sentiment, and understand the nature of requests. This helps in predicting customer behavior and refining offerings.

Trustworthy and Efficient Responses

Minimize back-and-forth. Our Hallucination-free and Fact-checking capabilities ensure precise, satisfactory answers.

Secure, Scalable, and Versatile

Maintain the sanctity of user data and scale in accordance with the diverse and expanding demands of support and success.

Achieve Your Support & Success KPIs with OneAgent

Enhanced User Feedback

Gauge user reactions in real-time, providing avenues for continuous refinement in product offerings and support.

Reduced Support Tickets

Dramatically cut down queries and manual interventions by providing instant and trustworthy answers.

Improved NPS & Retention

Offer superior user support experiences, positively influencing your Net Promoter Score and curbing user attrition.

Aid to Other Departments

  • Sales: Understand product preferences and trends, guiding inventory and sales strategies.
  • Product: Gain insights into frequent user challenges, directing software upgrades and refinements.

Deployment, Integration, and Beyond

Swift Activation

Connect OneAgent to your resources, and it's ready to assist in mere minutes.

Always Updated

Continuous synchronization with your databases ensures users always get the latest information.

Custom Models

Modify OneAgent to match the distinct demands of e-commerce and SaaS without the need for intensive coding or engineering.

Experience Next-Gen Customer Support & Success with OneAgent

Harness the prowess of AI to not just respond but resonate, making each user interaction efficient and impactful.

More Use-Cases

AI Expert Onboarding Session

Start smart - schedule a free session with one of our AI experts to set up and configure your agent for success