AI Agents for Real Estate

Deliver personalized, accurate guidance to your team and customers with GPT agents trained on your terms and property listings.
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OneAgent emerges as a dynamic ally in the real estate tech landscape. Tailored to guide both prospective buyers and sellers, OneAgent operates based on your most recent property listings, regional databases, and FAQs. With built-in accuracy checks, OneAgent delivers reliable insights, ensuring client satisfaction while amplifying your digital real estate presence.

Empower Property Seekers

Guide potential buyers and sellers through the intricate maze of the real estate market, offering insights tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Optimize Client Engagement

Boost interaction on your property listing sites, heightening user satisfaction and conversion through immediate, AI-assisted responses.

Deep Dive Into Property Inquiries

Understand the nuances of what your clients seek. Decipher their inquiries and provide detailed, accurate insights to bridge knowledge gaps.

Key Benefits for Real Estate Tech

Personalized Property Interactions

Engage clients effectively with Customizable agents, mirroring your agency's ethos while delivering tailored property insights.

Content Mastery and Listing Retention

Through our Content-Aware technology, clients receive precise details from various listings, encouraging active interaction and a heightened sense of trust.

AI-Driven Inquiry Analytics

Dive into the profound depths of your client's journey with our Language-AI/meaning-based analytics. Identify trending property types, gauge emotional reactions, and cluster inquiries by inherent meaning. This offers a complete view of client preferences and areas of interest.

Reliable and Prompt Responses

Decrease the need for manual interventions. Our enhanced accuracy ensures detailed answers, mitigating the need for additional follow-ups.

Secure, Adaptable, and Scalable

Safeguard client data, effortlessly scale up as your listings grow, and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the real estate tech industry.

Achieve Your Real Estate Tech Objectives with OneAgent

In-depth Property Interest Analysis

Understand which property types or regions clients are most drawn to, enabling realtors to strategically adjust listings and marketing efforts.

Enhanced Client Feedback

Gather real-time feedback on listings, allowing for continuous improvements in property presentation and communication.

Reduced Manual Inquiries

Minimize manual interventions by offering immediate and accurate answers to client queries.

Boosted Client Satisfaction & Retention

Offer a seamless digital experience, ensuring higher client satisfaction rates and repeat interactions.

Aid to Other Departments

  • Sales: Gain insights on most viewed properties, helping sales teams prioritize their efforts.
  • Customer Support & Success: Experience a decline in manual inquiries, ensuring higher client satisfaction and quicker conversions.

Deployment, Integration, and Beyond

Rapid Set-Up

OneAgent is operational within minutes once linked to your listings.

Always Updated

Consistently synchronized with your listings, guaranteeing current responses at all times.

Multilingual Capabilities

Serve a diverse clientele base, catering to varied linguistic needs.

Custom Models

Adapt OneAgent to your specific real estate tech requirements without any prompt engineering.

Experience the Future of Real Estate Tech with OneAgent

Harness the potential of AI that's not just intuitive but also resonates deeply with the needs of today's real estate tech clientele.

AI Agents Tailored to Your Business

// Just as every business today has a website, soon each will have its own AI agents.

More Use-Cases

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AI Agents for Real Estate

Deliver personalized, accurate guidance to your team and customers with GPT agents trained on your terms and property listings.
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Empower Property Seekers

Guide potential buyers and sellers with insights tailored to their unique preferences. Your GPT agent delivers instant, accurate property details based on your terms, documents, and listings backed by a fact-check tool to ensure reliable information.

Boost Satisfaction and Conversion

Your agent will proactively engage site visitors with personalized suggestions, improving active interaction, conversion rates and client satisfaction.

Set-Up and Customize in Minutes

Tailor your GPT agent to match your brand and design. Control its behavior and placement on your website to meet clients where they need it. Deploy it easily by embedding a script tag or using our integrations with popular web builders such as WordPress, Wix, Webflow, and more.

AI-Driven Conversation Analytics

Learn what your clients are asking. Chats with your agent will be analyzed and aggregated to reveal trending requests and property types. Understand which property types or regions clients are most drawn to, and strategically adjust listings or marketing efforts. Analyze conversations to gather feedback on listings, and improve property presentation and communication accordingly.

AI Expert Onboarding Session

Start smart - schedule a free session with one of our AI experts to set up and configure your agent for success