Making Generative AI Business-Ready

// Explainable, hallucination-free AI. Process text, audio and video with no size limits. Integrate into your product within days.
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// Turn your content into a powerful, personalized AI agent. 
  • No hallucinations - OneAgent responds exclusively based on your content.
    Unrelated requests? They'll be declined politely.
  • Explainable Agent You Can Trust - with just a click, you and your users can trace OneAgent responses back exactly to the content that they're based on. 
  • All Shapes and Sizes - from single pages to libraries, videos, or complex documents, OneAgent has got it covered. No content is too challenging to handle.
  • Enterprise-ready - a SOC2 & ISO 27001 certified service, with support for private cloud hosting, ensuring rigorous standards of data security and privacy. Based on proprietary language models that operate without involving third-party processors.

LanGuage Skills

// Summarize, tag and analyze language with stackable, composable NLP building blocks, built on state-of-the-art models, all with a single API call.
Language Skills pipeline

Custom Skills

// Build & fine-tune state-of-the-art Language AI capabilities for your unique business needs.

Large scale
LanGuage Analytics

// Build powerful analytics based on millions of text, audio and video items.

Audio Intelligence

// Automatically process audio and video into structured data.

Multilingual AI

// Only 5% of the world's population speaks English as their native language. Most of One AI’s capabilities are multilingual. So whether you build a podcast platform, CRM, content publishing tool, or any other product, the language detection, processing, transcription, analytics, and comprehension capabilities are here.
One AI supports various langauges

Business Ready

// One AI accelerates the success of businesses in their AI journey. In addition to our generative AI capabilities, we allow conversion of everyday language into structured, actionable data, providing seamless integration into products and services.
// We focus on transparency, explainability, and alignment with the source documents. Our tuning process and long-term performance are optimized in terms of cost, speed, and carbon footprint.
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Business Tuned
Tuned for Your Business Use-Cases
Fast TTM, low TCO
Fast TTM,
Consistent and Predictable Output
No bias
Prevent Biased or Harmful Content
Data Privacy
100% Control Over Your Data & Privacy

Developer Friendly

// One AI makes it easy for developers to utilize AI. Our API provides structured, machine-readable output and allows for seamless integration into products. With stackable and composable Language Skills, developers can focus on realizing the benefits of AI, rather than becoming bogged down in the details.
// Documentation
import oneai
oneai.api_key = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"
pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(steps=[
output ="Enter Your Text: "))
print("Sentiment:", output.sentiments.values)
("Topics:", output.topics.values) 
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> python
Enter your text: "I love the design & user experience on your app"
Topics: ["design", "app", "user experience"]
Sentiment: ["POS"]
Optimized for Speed, Cost & Scalability
Machine Readable Output
Universal API
Universal API- Multiple AI Skills in One Call
Unlimited input
Unlimited Input Size
Multi-medium- Text, Audio & Video Support
VPC Hosting
Can be Hosted on Your Private Cloud
Transform Your Business with One AI's Powerful Use Cases
Embedded AI

Easily integrate advanced AI into your products and services to improve user experience and drive innovation. Our customizable AI Skills allow you to focus on building great products, while we manage the development, fine-tuning, and infrastructure.

Enable natural language and chat-based interaction
Provide users with summaries and structured insights
Generate and process content with context understanding
Customer Management

Amplify Voice of the Customer and automate service excellence. Enhance customer experience through automation, conversation summaries, and insights. Provide your team with a complete overview of each customer, as well as a large scale, comprehensive view of all customers and interactions.

Detect requests, complaints and action items
Route tickets by urgency and subject
Analyze customer sentiment at scale
Document Analysis

Transform documents into actionable data. Extract any type of structured data from documents, PDFs, and audio files, to power processing and automation. Our AI Skills can analyze and comprehend long, complex documents, that include text, tables, and numbers in any format.

Analyze rates in financial reports and invoices
Detect property details in real estate documents
Extract patient information from medical documents
Content AI

Generate and process content that resonates with your target audience. Our AI Skills can comprehend the structure and underlying themes of your content, delivering high quality results and personalized experiences for your users.  

Tag and summarize videos and podcasts at scale
Generate blogs based on your videos
Find the right articles to respond to a user

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