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Fastest Path to State-of-the-Art, Custom AI in Production

In the era of AI, businesses must adapt or fall behind. Your product is unique and requires nuanced results. With One AI's Custom Skill platform leverages the world’s best AI capabilities, GPT included, adapt to the AI revolution with an AI that speaks your business language, understands your unique needs, and delivers nuanced results in days. 

Need a solution that grows with your business, delivers accurate results, and can be tailored to your needs? Our Custom Skills are optimized for speed, compactness, and scalability, ensuring that regardless of the size of your operation, we can deploy efficiently and scale as per your needs. Our platform is designed to ensure quick tuning & deployment of Skills.

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Custom Skill

// Custom Skills are versatile and can be tailored to your industry. For example:

Construction: Automate the collection of employee hazard reports to suit your specific operation needs. 
Finance: Extract interest rates and terms from millions of financial documents and websites, regardless of their format and structure. 
CRM: Analyze millions of CRM entries and cluster complaints based on meaning, identifying recurring issues and improving the customer experience.

Take your business to the next level with One AI's Custom Skill platform. Adapted to your data, shaped for your needs, with a fast time to market, low total cost of ownership, and zero risk.

how it Works?

// Humans naturally use examples to explain and learn. Prompt engineering is a challenging task because it's difficult to cover every possible option, making it hard to predict how the model will respond to unexpected content. To address this challenge, we've developed a training approach that combines prompts and examples, enabling our customers to "teach" the AI just as they would a new employee.

This approach facilitates continuous improvement, allowing the AI to constantly learn and adapt to changing business needs. Our platform is built on the foundation of generative models that enable broad and deep understanding of language, empowering the AI to learn and generalize from your examples.