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Summarize and Understand Meetings With Ease

Venessa Fabio
Venessa Fabio
Dec 11, 2022
3 min read

During work meetings it is incredibly important for participants to be present and understand everything that is going on. From keeping the discussion on track to making sure everyone remembers the action items, a lot of work can go into staying on top of meeting notes. 

Instead of potentially losing information, some opt to record their meetings and go over everything again once the meeting is over; however, even this task can take up a lot of time while not incredibly effective.

Meeting summaries are ways to go over what was said during the meeting in a summary form without losing the important information. Combine a highlight and summary function, and you easily have the ability to understand what was said and decided during the meeting without wasting any time. 

With OneAI you can clear your schedule of time-consuming tasks and rely on a powerful NLP based platform to get this job done for you.

The Studio

Let's use this zoom meeting as an example. This website will let us download it as an MP3 audio. 

Let’s head over to our OneAI’s Language Studio (pictured below).

Underneath the pipeline box, you can see the Language Skills, which are different ways we can apply the AI to the content provided. There are different skills we can apply, such as ‘Summarize,’ ‘Proofread,’ ‘Names’- today we will be clicking on ‘Transcribe Audio.’

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries

Now upload your audio file. You'll notice that the "Audio Transcribe" skill was added automatically, this Skill converts all speech-to-text. 

Next, we recommend using "Proofread" to get rid of the filler words. Make sure to use it before "Summarize" to apply for the whole transcribed audio. 

Now we can go ahead and add the "Summarize" Language Skill to the pipeline.

Next, to see who attended and specific times that were discussed, go ahead and add "Names" and "Numbers & Time" skills. Let's drop them into your pipeline.

The “Action Items” will let us see specific matters discussed whereas “highlights” will emphasize the important phrases that were mentioned. "Sentiments" and "Emotions" will help you analyze your clients’ feedback, for example. We'll use "Sentiments'' 

So, this is the pipeline we got, hit run and see results:

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries 2

Check the results. 

Please pay attention also to the yellow notification badge on top of the “+” sign. It hints that you can use additional Language Skills: 

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries 3

Here are the Language Skills that were detected on top of those we already selected:

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries 4

Now copy your code and proceed to your code editor.

Try it with the code:

Step1: Pick one of the generated code you need to your code editor (click here to generate your own API key):

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries 5

Step 2: Run “pip install oneai” for Python SDK or “npm install oneai” for Node.js SDK to get the library. Make sure to import all the required packages:


import oneai

import base64

oneai.api_key = "[YOUR ONEAI API KEY]"


In our example, we used Python SDK code. Here is what we got when we run all the skills together: transcription, emotions, numbers&time, name, action items, proofreading, and summary:


with open("AudioFile.mp3", "rb") as f:


    pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(

      steps = [










    output =



Utilizing OneAI’s optimal NLP service to help organize your meetings will not only make your life easier, but will help make your workplace more efficient.

Check out the other skills you can use to take your meetings to the next level, and let us know what you think in our community. 


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