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Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries

Utilize AI-Driven Initiatives to Process, Analyze and Understand your Product Meetings

Olga Miroshnyk
Olga Miroshnyk
Dec 16, 2022
3 min read

Product Meetings are meetings in which a product manager and relevant stakeholders set plans, goals and responsibilities for the team to work on a new feature. Throughout these meetings, a lot of information is shared by different team members on different topics, and it can be difficult to keep track. 

Keeping track of action items, decisions made, and key issues discussed is extremely important for organization, but it can take away from the meeting itself. Rather than worry team members about keeping track, utilizing OneAI to do it for us can make our lives both easier and much more productive. 

Transcribing and generating an automatic summary for our Product Meetings can help save time effectively. 

Here’s how we can get a summary in the Language Studio:

Now let’s jump to OneAI’s Language Studio (pictured below).  The tool input is where you will be entering the content, alongside it is the pipeline box- this is where the magic happens.

Underneath the pipeline box, you can see the Language Skills, which are different ways we can apply the I to the content provided. There are different skills we can apply, such as ‘Sentiments,’ ‘Proofread,’ and ‘Names.’ 

Today we will be clicking on ‘Transcribe Audio,’ ‘Proofread,’ ‘Summarize,’ and ‘Highlights,” but let’s take it step-by-step.

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries

For today’s tutorial, we’ll be using this sales call that we can download using this website as an MP3 audio file.

Now, we are only three steps away from our goal.

The first step is Transcribe, OneAI has already included this step in the pipeline

The second step is Proofreading which is an important step that will help us to get rid of all filler words and speech errors. Go ahead and double-click on that Skill. 

And the third step is adding the “Summary” skill. It will work with the transcribed text pulling all the main points of the meeting. This is it! We can just run the pipeline and get the results. 

Finally, let’s add more information from the meeting and apply the “Highlights” Language Skill. It will detect all the key phrases and essential points. Now, let’s run our pipeline. 

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries Language AI studio

Now copy your code and proceed to your code editor.

In the code editor:

Step 1: Pick one of the generated codes you need to your code editor (click here to generate your own API key):

Generate Automatic Product Meeting Summaries Language AI studio 2

Step 2: Run “pip install oneai” for Python SDK or “npm install oneai” for Node.js SDK to get the library. Make sure to import all the required packages:


import oneai

import base64

oneai.api_key = "[YOUR ONEAI API KEY]"


In our example, we used Python SDK code. Here is what we got when we run all the skills together: transcribe, proofread, summary and highlights:


with open("AudioFile.mp3", "rb") as f:


    pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(

      steps = [







    output =



Throughout meetings, it’s important to focus on the objective instead of distracting yourself by trying to write the objectives down. Using today’s tutorial and OneAI’s Language Studio you can give your full attention to your important meetings, knowing all the critical information is available.

OneAI has a plethora of different Skills that are curated to help you out with any project or task. Visit our API and Language Studio to find the perfect Language Skill for you.


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