ChatGPT Integration

Cut your GPT costs and boost performance with long-term memory and contextual capabilities

GPT-3 is a powerful language generation model that can drive value for your business. However, using it effectively can be expensive and not always straightforward. It takes time to identify the right prompt with the necessary context, particularly since input length is limited, and costs increase for longer inputs. Even with the proper context, GPT may produce "hallucinations" and incorrect responses.
One AI’s Language Skills are pre-trained to achieve specific tasks and are fine-tuned across multiple domains. You can now seamlessly combine Skills with GPT in a single Language AI pipeline, and select a prompt based on the output of the Skills in the pipeline.

// By integrating GPT-3 into our Language AI pipelines, you get a powerful and efficient generative AI solution that's tailored to your business

Give GPT context from your knowledge base
Build efficient and dynamic prompts
Monitor generated text

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Studio and build your Language AI pipeline
  2. Add the GPT Skill to the pipeline. Add your GPT API-key and choose which model to use (all GPT-3 models including 3.5-turbo are supported)
  3. Copy the generated code snippet into your project
import oneai
pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(steps=[
output ="Enter Your Prompt: ")) 
100% ☰  8/8 ln  :  39
// Go to Studio
Optimized for Speed, Cost & Scalability
Machine Readable Output
Universal API
Universal API- Multiple AI Skills in One Call
Unlimited input
Unlimited Input Size
Multi-medium- Text, Audio & Video Support
VPC Hosting
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01/Give GPT context from your knowledge base

With One AI's clustering analytics engine, businesses can power their GPT apps with their knowledge base. The analytics engine enables businesses to search their knowledge base by meaning and find the most relevant articles, which can then be attached to the GPT prompts as context. With all the relevant information present, GPT will provide factually accurate responses. 

02/Build efficient and dynamic prompts by only using the relevant data

Dynamically build short and efficient prompts, providing cut costs and reduced response times. Extract highlights or summaries from input text using One AI's Language Skills, and feed only the relevant data to GPT.
This process has several advantages, including support for unlimited input length, cost and runtime efficiency, and the ability to select only relevant input for GPT based on specific Skills like sentiment, action-items, sales-insights, and more.

03/Monitor Generated Text

Postprocess and analyze text generated by GPT to monitor and to assure compliance. Use Skills such as Topics, Names to validate that the relevant subjects are included in the text, or Sentiment and Emotions to make sure that GPT's replies are compliant and have an appropriate tone.


One AI processing
GPT prompt
100K blog posts
Extract blog highlights
Write a summary based on only the highlights
~80% input length reduction compared to using the full text
1M product reviews
Detect sentences with positive or negative sentiment
Write a pros/cons section for the product
Reduced noise, which will result in more accurate and focused responses
Knowledge-base of 100K articles, and a question written by a user
Find the most relevant article to answer the user's question
Write an answer based on the information in the article
GPT has the needed context to answer the question, which will result in much more accurate & useful responses

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