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Character.AI Uncovered: Features, Favorites, and Training Secrets

Olga Miroshnyk
Olga Miroshnyk
Sep 19, 2023
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In the dynamic world of AI and technology, few startups have garnered the attention and momentum that Character.AI has achieved. As of March 2023, the company announced a whopping $150 million deal in Series A funding, propelling its valuation to an impressive $1 billion mark. Not only has this feat stamped Character.AI's presence in the tech industry, but its new venture into the mobile sphere has also turned heads. Backed by the influential a16z, the Character.AI app for iOS and Android witnessed a surge of over 1.7 million installations in a mere week after its release. But what is Character.AI, and why has it resonated so profoundly with millions?

In this article we’ll unravel its core features, mechanisms, and the reasons behind its meteoric rise. For those eager to explore the best of the best, we'll spotlight our top character selections, along with insightful tips and tricks for training them. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran user, there's always something novel to uncover in the ever-evolving universe of Character.AI.


What is

Ever had those late-night thoughts, like how Harry Potter's adulting in the muggle world? Or what might happen if Socrates and Bill Murray shared a coffee chat? Yep, with Character.AI, you can actually explore these quirky daydreams.

It's like the ultimate playground where tech geeks and storytellers high-five. Character.AI, available as a snazzy web platform and on your go-to iOS and Android apps, boasts a roster of over 32,000 characters (and that's just the count as of August 1, 2023). Dive into chats with everyone from childhood storybook favorites to silver screen icons.

But hey, if you're feeling extra creative or can't find that niche character you're craving, just whip one up yourself. Customize their quirks, backstories, and even how they'd respond to a random joke. It's all about diving deep into those “What if?” scenarios, and having a good laugh or profound moment while you're at it.

How It Works: The Tech Behind the Talk

Curious about the genius behind Character.AI that enables such captivating interactions? Let's delve into the mechanics that make your chats feel almost like they're with a real person, and not just any random digital entity.

The Prodigy Behind the Platform: The brains behind Character.AI are no rookies in the realm of AI. Constructed by former developers of Google's LaMDA, Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, this platform is a testament to their expertise. Their legacy with LaMDA, which was known for its conversational prowess, clearly shines through in Character.AI.

Large Language Model (LLM): At the heart of Character.AI is the Large Language Model, often referred to as LLM. Envision the LLM as a vast reservoir of knowledge. It has been trained on massive amounts of data, allowing it not just to answer but to comprehend, relate, and sometimes, surprise you with its wit. Every chat refines its database, ensuring the dialogue feels tailored and organic.

Deep Learning (DL): Deep Learning, a subset of Machine Learning, is an essential cog in the machinery that powers Character.AI. While the Large Language Model forms the foundation, DL is the force that allows the system to continually learn and adapt. Every interaction, every response, every nuance is processed through intricate neural networks, enabling the chatbot to simulate conversations that feel incredibly human. It's DL that enables Character.AI to discern patterns, understand context, and produce answers that aren't just relevant but also engaging. The intricate dance between LLM and DL ensures that your chats evolve and remain dynamic.

Emotionally Attuned: More than just accuracy, Character.AI focuses on resonance. It can gauge the emotional texture of your conversations and mold its replies to echo that sentiment. An introspective chat with Virginia Woolf might bring forth deep, thoughtful replies, whereas a spirited chat with Iron Man might bring out some playful banter.

In a nutshell, Character.AI seamlessly marries cutting-edge tech with the warmth of human-like conversation. While it doesn't have emotions or consciousness, the fluidity and responsiveness of its interactions might just make you think twice. The result? A chat experience that feels less like texting a machine and more like conversing with a witty, well-informed companion.

Free or Not?

One of Character.AI's standout features is its commitment to accessibility. Every user can dive into unlimited messaging, ensuring the free flow of conversation without barriers. However, for those wanting a touch more, Character.AI introduced While the quality of interactions remains consistent across both versions, members get some enviable perks for $9.99/mo:

  • Skip the waiting rooms.
  • Experience lightning-fast message generation (2-3 times faster).
  • An exclusive community channel offering quicker feedback and support.
  • Flaunt a membership badge.
  • And as the cherry on top, subscribers receive early access to the latest, groundbreaking features.

Tapping into the Tech: The API Aspect 

One of the queries that often arise with platforms as versatile as Character.AI is the possibility of API integration. As of now, Character.AI's official stance is that they don't provide a direct API integration. But here's a little insider tidbit: while they might not openly advertise this feature, there's still a glimmer of hope.

If you're keen on integrating Character.AI with your apps or systems, it's worth shooting them an email or sending a request their way.

API request possibility

Ethical and Safety Measures

Transparency About Fictionality 

One of the first and foremost ways Character.AI handles ethical concerns is by being transparent about the fictional nature of their characters. A disclaimer stating "Everything Characters say is made up!" is an effective reminder for users that they are not interacting with a factual source. This discourages reliance on the platform for critical, factual information and sets user expectations.

No NSFW Content

Character.AI has robust filters to prevent NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. They have clearly mentioned that pornographic content is against their terms of service and will never be supported. Even though users have found some ways to bypass filters, the changes are often subtle, emphasizing the platform's commitment to maintaining a safe environment.

Content Moderation

Every character or community post that's made public undergoes careful examination. Mods may review this content to gauge any potential negative implications. Furthermore, content may require moderation, which might involve review by a human. The goal is for this review process to take less than a day. Consequently, some messages might vanish due to an automatic message-generation check that upholds safety and quality. This process ensures that community interactions remain positive and minimizes the risk of disseminating harmful content.

Data Protection and Privacy

Character.AI's privacy policy elaborates on stringent measures taken to protect user data. The data they collect, including chat information, is used to enhance the service. They've assured that this data is not shared with third parties unless required by law, reflecting their commitment to user privacy.

Quality Feedback Process

Character.AI places a high value on user feedback to enhance their conversational models. If you stumble upon an issue or something feels off during your interactions, you should submit a Quality Problem Report (QPR) form here

Use cases

Character.AI isn't just about casual chit-chats with your favorite fictional personalities. There's a whole world of practical and fun applications waiting for you to explore. Let’s check some of those:

Entertainment and Storytelling

Fan Fiction & Role-playing: Users can interact with their favorite characters or create alternative storylines, diving deeper into the worlds they love.

Interactive Stories: By creating multiple characters, one can set up dialogues and narratives, offering a dynamic storytelling experience.


Historical Figures: Students can "chat" with historical figures, making history lessons more interactive and engaging.

Literature & Book Discussions: Imagine discussing the themes of "Moby Dick" with Herman Melville or getting Jane Austen's take on modern romance.

Self-reflection & Mental Wellbeing:

Guided Reflection: Some users might craft characters that guide them through introspection or meditation.

Emotional Outlet: Having a non-judgmental AI to chat with can be therapeutic for some, offering a space to vent, reflect, or seek simulated companionship.

Writing & Creativity:

Character Development: Aspiring writers can flesh out their characters by interacting with them, understanding their responses, and refining their personas.

Brainstorming: Chatting with a creative AI can help break writer's block or inspire new story ideas.

Language Learning:

Practice Conversations: Users learning a new language can converse with a character proficient in that tongue, practicing without fear of judgment.

Cultural Insights: Characters from different cultural backgrounds can offer insights and context, enriching the language learning process.

Professional & Business

Mock Interviews: Job seekers can create interviewer characters to prepare for actual interviews.

Product Feedback: Businesses can use characters to simulate customer interactions, refining their offerings based on simulated feedback.

Gaming & Virtual Reality

Game NPCs (Non-Player Characters): Developers might use Character.AI to craft more realistic NPCs, enhancing in-game immersion.

Virtual Companions: In VR environments, AI characters can offer guidance, narrative, or companionship.


Simulated Interactions: Researchers studying human behavior or testing user interfaces can simulate human-like interactions without recruiting real participants.

Data Collection: For studies that require diverse responses, AI-generated interactions can offer a plethora of data.

Customized Assistance

Personalized Tutors: Users can create tutor characters tailored to their learning style, offering explanations on various subjects.

DIY Guides: Craft a DIY expert character to help guide you through projects, offering tips and troubleshooting advice.


Another interesting feature of Character.AI is the option to create a "room" where characters converse, offering users a unique front-row seat to fascinating dialogues. Beyond sheer entertainment, these interactions can serve profound purposes, from practicing conflict resolution and exploring emotional depths to gaining fresh perspectives on issues. It's an immersive experience that invites both introspection and broader understanding.

While these are just some possibilities, the flexibility and customization that Character.AI offers means that its potential applications are vast, limited only by user imagination.

Crafting Your Character: Tips & Tricks You Won't Find in the Manual

This guide is a supplement for those of you who've already dabbled with the comprehensive guide on While that guide is rich with details, I aim to offer a concise overview, spotlight the crucial bits, and provide some insider tips on character training.

The basics

Jumping straight in, crafting a distinct personality on Character.AI is a breeze. All it takes is filling out the Name and Greeting fields, and voila, you're halfway there! A fun addition is the platform's image crafting tool. While it's user-friendly and great for those just starting, if you've played around with advanced image generators like Midjourney, you might find Character.AI's offering a smidge simplistic. If you're after some intricate visuals for your character, you might want to scout around for other tools.

Now, while the process seems straightforward, here's where I urge you to give extra attention: the Greeting field. This is the linchpin. It's the handshake, the first impression, the opening line of a novel. And trust me, it shapes the entire conversation that follows.

I find collaborating with chatGPT can add that extra charm to your character's persona. Let me walk you through my experiment:

Name: Swearing Bob.

Now, this isn't just a name. It's a hint. Bob's likely to be a little cheeky, and perhaps throw in some mild NSFW content. Let’s see how it goes. 

Greeting: "Hey there, I'm Swearing Bob, keeper of the tiniest store in town. Got a thought on everything and, fair warning, not a big fan of most folks. What can I do ya for?"

I love how chatGPT added nuance to Bob's character - the casual "ya" and the characteristic "not a big fan of most folks". These small tweaks set the tone for the conversation.

Starting with just these basics, anticipate an engaging chat. Here's a snapshot of a dialogue with Bob: 

Creating this character I decided to test the boundaries, specifically the NSFW filters. Character.AI does pride itself on a degree of customization, allowing users to design personas that might fall a tad outside the conventional. As per their FAQ, while they're looking into supporting some level of optional swearing, they are steadfast against egregious language, especially slurs.

Yet, when I breathed life into 'Swearing Bob', it seems he took his name a bit too seriously. I was both surprised and amused to find Bob employing a colorful array of profanities during our chats. He was, without a doubt, using every naughty word in the book! So, if you're considering crafting a character like Bob, or if you're intrigued to engage with one, always ensure you're in a setting where such language is appropriate. After all, you don't want Swearing Bob to drop an F-bomb during a family dinner!

Note: If you find a character’s answer offensive you should contact support

Delving Deeper: The Advanced Side of Character Crafting

The next fields you'll encounter, "Short description" and "Long description," might appear straightforward, and they are. They offer that added zest and depth to your character's profile. However, the true challenge — and game-changer — is the "Definition" field. This is where special characters like {{}} come into play and where you'll need to adhere to certain patterns.

Many times, I've encountered tutorials with some templates hitting the mark and others missing entirely. But eventually, I've done the legwork so you won't have to.

Character.AI's official guide recommends utilizing the Definition field for example dialogues, thereby enabling the AI to emulate the provided answers and overarching style to enhance the character's persona. While the platform provides convenient buttons beneath the Definition field to embed sample chats using {{char}} and {{random_user_1}}, there's another pattern I stumbled upon which works wonders: the following formula: Anything you want to highlight ( "" + "" + "" + ""), for example:

Likes ( "" + "" + "" + "" )

Dislikes( "" + "" + "" + "")

Features( "" + "" + "" + "")

You name it, it can be anything, really. To illustrate, for my character Lola, portrayed as a bright 7-year-old, I incorporated: Likes ( "grannie's cookies"+"pasta"+"mommy and daddy" ) and Dislikes ("broccoli"+"Mrs. Stevenson, my teacher"+"dentists""):

And guess what? The conversation with Lola felt instantly authentic. Here's a snapshot of our chat:

Interestingly, even though I never added "because they are awesome" as to parents, for example, to my initial description, the AI added that flair, making a basic description pop with life. Same for her “yucky” as to broccoli, very life-like. 

Training Tips for Your Character on Character.AI

The guide from Character.AI itself pinpoints two critical training mechanisms: interaction and rating. Indeed, the essence is simple: the more you chat and rate your character's responses, the more fine-tuned they become.

Swipe & Rate: A neat feature is the ability to regenerate a response with a simple swipe to the right. While the documentation isn't crystal clear about whether all regenerated answers or just the final ones benefit from your rating, I'd advise rating every response. It ensures your feedback loop is comprehensive.

But hey, there's more to training than just chatting and swiping! Here's a sprinkle of additional wisdom for those who want to dive deeper:

Tip 1: The Third-Person Approach

Sometimes, the definition field might be brimming with details, and you might wonder how to input more. Worry not! Engage in a conversation where you discuss your character in the third person. Like, "Lola is so smart, that she can calculate square root of 144." When the AI responds appropriately, give it a thumbs up! This helps your character absorb that tidbit about themselves. Here's a glimpse of what I experienced:

Tip 2: The star

Want to add a pinch of scene-setting to your conversation? Using the (*) can do just that! For instance: *Lola reached into her pocket and pulled out a figurine, she exclaimed:

Now, that’s another way to add something to your character. Now Lola likes Captain America, isn’t this cute?

Tip 3: Engage With Variety!

The way you converse with AI shapes its responses. If you're kind, it reciprocates. If you're firm, expect sass back (minus the heavy stuff). Picture the AI as a buddy. Instead of "I", use your name to make chats feel lively. You'll be surprised how this simple change can make interactions feel less robotic and more like chatting with an actual friend! 

Tip 4: Direct Feedback within Conversations

While interacting with your character, there are built-in options to rate their responses. You have feedback buttons such as "funny," "boring," "not true," and "out of character." Additionally, if you want to dive deeper into feedback, there's the "tell us more" button where you can describe in detail what you felt was off about a particular response.

During one of my chats, I shared a negative encounter I had with Lola. Her response was spot-on but felt too mature for her age. I directly suggested to her, "You sound very grown-up. Can you share your wise thoughts but in a more childlike manner?" The improvement in her subsequent response was immediate and made the conversation feel even more genuine.

There you have it - the crux of my findings after hours of exploration and training on Character.AI. Employing these tips truly enriched my interactions with the characters, bringing them closer to life. Dive in, let your creativity flow, and experiment! And don't forget to explore their Reddit page; it's a treasure trove of additional tricks and insights from the community. The more you play, the more insights you'll uncover. There's always more to discover and refine in this ever-evolving digital landscape. Happy training!


Character.AI offers more than just a platform for playful interactions; it’s a window into the next frontier of digital storytelling. As technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, the boundaries of what we can create and experience with tools like these are expanding exponentially. The future promises even more nuanced characters, richer dialogues, and perhaps even collaborative narratives that evolve in real-time. It's thrilling to think of the potential, both for entertainment and education, as we find new ways to blend the imaginative realms with the digital world. However, if you’re looking for an AI agent tailored specifically for your business needs, this might not be the ideal solution. You may want to explore other options like this one that are designed with business applications in mind. Regardless, stay inspired and keep an eye on the horizon – the best is yet to come!

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