Crafting Tailored Sales Scripts from LinkedIn Profiles

Supercharge your sales strategy by transforming LinkedIn profiles into compelling sales scripts. Utilize transcription to convert video content into text, distill the essence with our summarization Skill, and then employ GPT to generate a uniquely persuasive sales script.
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Leverage AI to transcribe LinkedIn profiles, summarize key points, and employ GPT for crafting compelling sales scripts.
import oneai oneai.api_key = "CLICK_TO_GET_YOUR_API_KEY" pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(steps=[ oneai.skills.GPT(), ]) output ="your_input_here") print(output)
import OneAI from 'oneai'; const oneai = new OneAI({apiKey: 'CLICK_TO_GET_YOUR_API_KEY'}); const pipeline = new oneai.Pipeline( oneai.skills.(), ); const output = await'your_input_here'); console.log(output);
curl -X POST \ '' \ -H 'accept: application/json' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'api-key: CLICK_TO_GET_YOUR_API_KEY' \ -d '{ "input": "your_input_here", "steps": [{ "skill": "GPT" }] }'
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