“Reddit meets Stack Overflow”

How daily.dev Uses AI to Accelerate its Growth

December 24, 2023
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Described by TechCrunch as “Reddit meets Stack Overflow”, daily.dev is a fast-growing professional network that is empowering developers to learn, collaborate, and grow together.


Analyzing articles at scale

daily.dev aggregates content from around the web to provide developers with a personalized  feed, ensuring they stay informed on the topics that matter to them, whilst discussing and sharing with like-minded developers. To enhance personalization and searchability, daily.dev must efficiently tag and summarize a vast number of articles.


Complexity Explained

While topic tagging might appear straightforward, complexities arise when dealing with specialized subject matter. Here are some examples:

  • Consider "Java," which could refer to a programming language, an Indonesian island, or a coffee variety. Additionally, distinctions like those between Java and JavaScript, or the letter "C" and "C++" must be recognized.
  • Consistency is also vital for organizing articles at scale. The same concept might be mentioned in different ways throughout various articles, such as "smartphones" and "mobile phones," requiring the tagging system to unify them.
  • Other challenges include varying levels of granularity. If requesting five topics, one might receive Python, C, C++, JS, and TS; with only three, Python, C++, and JS; and with just one, "Programming languages".


Each product demands tailored outcomes, and OneAI offers swift customization and fine-tuning of existing Language Skills or the development of entirely new ones. These Skills are designed to be compact, fast, and scalable, ensuring efficient deployment at any scale.

OneAI's Topics & Summary Skills are employed to tag and summarize articles for daily.dev on a large scale. Both Skills are fine-tuned to cater to daily.dev's specific content and audience, enabling them to accurately recognize domain-specific terms and deliver consistent results. The Topics Skill generates uniform labels that help daily.dev categorize articles and personalize feeds. Meanwhile, the Summary Skill, trained on domain-specific articles, can discern the structure of a tech article and produce a summary that highlights the most pertinent information.

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About OneAI

As generative AI rapidly transforms industries, businesses must either adapt or risk being left behind. OneAI steps in to offer a solution - we curate and tune the world's top AI capabilities, so you get advanced AI solutions tailored to your business, in days.

OneAI accelerates the success of businesses on their AI journey with the Language Studio, Language Analytics, and a comprehensive library of customizable AI Skills. In addition to our generative AI capabilities, we allow conversion of everyday language into structured, actionable data, providing seamless integration into products and services. Our API powers the efficient analysis and processing of text, audio, and video data at scale.

About daily.dev

Described by TechCrunch as “Reddit meets Stack Overflow”, daily.dev is a community-driven professional network for developers to learn, collaborate, and grow together. The company has built a platform where developers worldwide can stay up to date, discuss with like-minded people and connect with their friends and colleagues. 

To learn more about daily.dev, visit daily.dev.

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"We tag and summarize articles at scale with OneAI. The API is top-notch and when we needed fine-tuning, the team's deep expertise was evident. Working with OneAI has been a pleasure." - Ido Shamun, Co-Founder and CTO at daily.dev.