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One AI to Promote Cutting Edge NLP Papers to the Research Community and Industry

When creating an interactive demo of your NLP paper becomes as easy as placing a Git link, the NLP community will be able to rethink the way ideas are distributed.

Aug 24, 2022
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Pictured article by Ori Ernst

Groundbreaking progress often happens on the sidelines of the research community. One AI’s platform helps to ensure accessibility to all research outcomes. We believe NLP should become an integral and natural part of everyday life, which is why we provide these researchers with the exposure they need, both in the academic world and the industry.

One AI’s Language Studio allows researchers to quickly upload their models to a visual, interactive platform. Models can then be reviewed and experimented with in real time, demonstrating how theory is translated into practice. Parties looking for NLP solutions can test and implement these models, giving them an opportunity to create true impact.


// Here you can see the live demo Ori Ernst and Prof. Ido Dagan from BIU used while presenting their paper “Proposition-Level Clustering for Multi-Document Summarization” in NAACL 2022.

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