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Quickly Summarize and Understand Emails

Make the most of your valuable time by organizing your emails with AI.

Olga Miroshnyk
Olga Miroshnyk
Dec 5, 2022
3 min read

On average, professionals receive about 120 emails a day, but respond to only 25% of them. This dilemma is not unheard of, and many people can relate to the overwhelming feeling that the waves of emails leave them.

Staying on top of our inboxes can feel like another full-time job. Thankfully, our email typically detects spam and socials- but there are still those emails that need to be read urgently, without enough time to read them. It is important to read emails and understand the main messages - including the action items, agreements and critical information.

Rather than reading through hundreds of emails, and wasting valuable time and energy- utilize OneAI and get a high-quality summary of an entire email thread instantaneously. Take the next step and make your life easier by using the software to get names, dates, emotions, sentiments, highlights and much more.

Here’s how we can get a summary in the Language Studio:

Now let’s jump to OneAI’s Language Studio. On the bottom-right of the screen you can find our Language Skills, which is how the AI can be applied to the content provided. Each Skill can be dragged and dropped into the Skills pipeline box.

First, just copy and paste the email thread you want to process into the input. 

Now double-click the ‘Summarize’ Language Skill to summarize the key information. Then go ahead and add “Names'' to detect the participants, products, and places, “Numbers & Time',” and “Sentiments” to get an idea of how positive or negative the correspondence was. 

Here’s the pipeline we got, now let’s hit run and see the results:

Summarize Language Skill

We successfully pulled the sentiment, identified the names, dates, and generated a summary. 

Please pay attention also to the yellow notification badge on top of the “+” sign. It hints that you can use additional Language Skills: 

summarize and understand emails

Here are the Language Skills that were detected on top of those we already selected:

Now it’s time to copy your code and proceed to your code editor.

In the code editor:

Step1: Pick one of the generated code you need to your code editor (click here to generate your own API key):

One AI API key

Step 2: Run “pip install oneai” for Python SDK or “npm install oneai” for Node.js SDK to get the library. Make sure to import all the required packages:


mport oneai

import base64

oneai.api_key = "[YOUR ONEAI API KEY]"


In our example, we used Python SDK code. Here is what we got when we run all the skills together: sentiments, name, numbers time, and summary:


pipeline = oneai.Pipeline(

   steps = [







output =


Here are the outputs:




Mark On Sun, Oct 9, 2022, 12:42 Mark wrote: I want to implement a new feature on our site. Can you add a field for the users to add their pets name so that we can ship with their products a note for their pet? Also make sure that the animal kind is in our database.





[oneai.Label(type='emotion', skill='emotions', name='happiness', output_spans=[Span(start=991, end=1002, section=0, text='No problem.')], span_text='No problem.'), oneai.Label(type='emotion', skill='emotions', name='happiness', output_spans=[Span(start=1589, end=1596, section=0, text='cheers.')], span_text='cheers.')]



```[[,x.value] for x in output.names]```


[['PERSON', 'Mark'], ['PERSON', 'Dave'], ['PERSON', 'Mark'], ['PERSON', 'Dave'], ['PERSON', 'Dave Wolverton'], ['PERSON', 'Mark Abene'], ['PERSON', 'George Costanza'], ['PERSON', 'John'], ['PERSON', 'Mark Antony'], ['PERSON', 'Dave']]



```[[,x.value,,x.span_text] for x in output.numbers]```


[['DATE',  '2022-10-09 12:42',  {'date_time': '2022-10-09T12:42', 'timezone': None, 'precision': 'MINUTE'},  'Sun, Oct 9, 2022, 12:42'], ['DATE',  '2022-10-09 13:45',  {'date_time': '2022-10-09T13:45', 'timezone': None, 'precision': 'MINUTE'},  'Sun, Oct 9, 2022 at 13:45 PM'], ['DATE',  '2022-11-14 00:00',  {'date_time': '2022-11-14T00:00', 'timezone': None, 'precision': 'WEEK'},  'next week'], ['DATE',  '2022-10-09',  {'date_time': '2022-10-09T00:00', 'timezone': None, 'precision': 'DAY'},  'Sun, Oct 9, 2022, 14:21'], ['DATE',  '2022-11-14 00:00',  {'date_time': '2022-11-14T00:00', 'timezone': None, 'precision': 'WEEK'},  'next week'], ['DATE',  '2022-10-09 15:50',  {'date_time': '2022-10-09T15:50', 'timezone': None, 'precision': 'MINUTE'},  'Sun, Oct 9, 2022 at 15:50 PM']]



Emails should not be our main concern at work. Imagine what you could do with all the free time made available from not reading time-consuming emails. Luckily, you no longer have to. In a few clicks you can get sales insights for your report or action items list to set up tasks for your team. 

Check out the Studio and let us know what you think in our community.  


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