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Your Words, The Agents Voice: Personalize Chat Responses in a Snap

Apr 3, 2024
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Whether your website is packed with content or you're just starting to build it up, there's a simple way to ensure your AI agent says exactly what you want it to. It doesn't matter if you're aiming for laser precision in your responses or you just want to guide the conversation in a certain direction; there's a tool for that.

If you are looking to guide your agent in a certain direction but not dictate its response exactly go to: Make Your Chatbot Smarter: How to Add Text Info to Agents Responses

Here's how it works: Head over to the studio and pick your agent. Then, navigate to "Custom Responses" on the left sidebar. 

When you click "Add New Response," you're basically setting up a script for your AI. You can decide the exact response for specific questions. This is great for both scenarios: if you have a ton of content and want to ensure the AI uses it correctly, or if you're still building up your site and want to make sure the AI handles queries in a way that aligns with your vision. 

Adding a hyperlink to your response? No sweat. Simply incorporate it using markdown format like so: [link label](link). This small but mighty feature enriches your responses, guiding your audience to additional resources, pages, or promotions directly through the AI's dialogue.

What about questions that are kinda similar but not exactly the same? You can group them together and assign one answer to cover them all. This way, if someone asks something that's even slightly related to what you've prepped your AI for, the answer will be based on the response you created.

This approach is a game-changer for anyone looking to have more control over their AI agent’s interactions. It's about ensuring that whether you're content-heavy or just getting started, your AI can engage with visitors exactly how you'd like.

In short, it's about making sure your AI agent is not just smart, but also right on message, every time.


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