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AI Agents That Learn Your Content – Text, Audio, Video, Without Size Limits. Includes Built-In Fact-Checker.

A pragmatic step towards 
AI transformation

As the digital landscape evolves, every forward-thinking business is integrating a private GPT. Stay ahead with OneAgent – your stakeholders are already expecting it.


Content-Aware: Learn from any type of content – web pages, audio, internal systems, and more.
Fully Customizable: Control the behavior, tone, and identity of your agent.
AI-powered analytics: continually optimize your agent with deep insights into user interactions, emotions, and more.


Hallucination-free: Receive factual answers directly from your content. 
Fact-checking: Responses have exact references to your source documents. 
Only your stuff: Off-topic queries? They're tactfully declined.

Private & Secure

  • ISO 9002 & SOC2 compliant
  • Private Hosting solutions
  • In-House Models, ensuring no third-party intervention
  • Access Control Management

Just Works

  • Ready within minutes upon connecting your content
  • Domain-specific analysis for accurate responses
  • Stays up to date with your content
  • Responds aptly in multiple languages


  • Offers full API access
  • Manage multiple agents for diverse tasks
  • No prompt engineering needed
  • Custom Models tailored to your unique needs 

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